In order to use the Motion Detection functionality and enjoy the latest system, make sure to update your tracker firmware. The update will start automatically: just make sure that the tracker is attached to the power-light or place the same on the recharging cradle.

Version 1.1.6 is now available on Play Store (download now) and Apple Store (download now). You’ll notice that this patch will combine version 1.02 up to version 1.1.6 , to give you as many implementations as possible.

  • Cycling statistics: you can now discover your cycling stats, divided per days, weeks and months
  • Safe zone: you can set a circular area that you consider safe (e.g. Home, office etc). You will receive a notification if your bike leaves the area
  • Motion detection: if detects an unauthorized movement, it will send a notification to your smartphone and trigger sirene and light
  • Light settings: new UX/UI
  • Battery level: you can now check the battery level of both tracker and power-light
  • Extend the alarm and light time from 1 minute to 5 minutes for Impact detection, 30s to 1 minute for Motion detection.
  • Various UX/UI improvements

Need help? Contact us at Be sure to check the complete User Manual from you APP or from this link (

Launch of in Italy on the occasion of Deejay 100