App General Information

Impact Detection has a built-in accelerometer, which detects most falls that involve a strong impact followed by a motionless state for 5 seconds. If movement is detected during this period, the automatic impact detection alert will not be triggered.
The fall detection technology has been tested against simulated falls, however, there might be some instances where real falls differ from the simulations and are therefore not detected.
False alarms might also occur when the accelerometer is recording events that have a similar pattern to a falling motion. If this happens, the impact detection alert can be easily cancelled on the app, before notifications are sent to contacts.

Brake Light has a built-in accelerometer, which detects when the bike is moving and triggers the light to automatically illuminate. It also recognises when movement stops and switches the light off.
The accelerometer also detects quick decelerations and the light becomes temporarily brighter to alert other road users that the cyclist is slowing (like a brake light).
However, the accelerometer and “brake light” is not connected to the bike’s mechanical brake and is based on deceleration detection only. It will only work in cases of rapid deceleration. As a result, the “brake light” may show when riding on uneven roads or paths and when the slope of the road is changing.